Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blog Starter Kit

Overnight blogger celebrity is virtually guaranteed with these topics! Choose one or more, and go to town on your own blog! You'll be on NPR in no time!

1. Can art, (especially new art) thrive in an atmosphere of total lawfulness? (A good anecdote for this post would be the New York City blackout of 1977; "Everybody was a DJ. Everybody stole turntables and stuff. Every electronic store imaginable got hit for stuff. Every record store. Everything. That sprung a whole new set of DJ's" - GrandMaster Caz.) Also, what about drug use?

2. Maybe you recently realized that you can't be for looser drug laws and stricter gun control laws without contradicting yourself.

3. Pitchforkmedia.com has got a real hatred for trip hop, and deserves a proper flogging for their recent review of the new Coldcut album, even if it really isn't a spectacular record.

4. Perhaps you have recently attended a lovely Stereolab performance and would like to wax poetic about how great they are live and how it was really sad at the end when Laetitia was singing both her and Mary's vocal parts until she couldn't keep up anymore and let the tamborine take over and how you almost shed a tear. Maybe you took a few pictures.

5. The joy of finding a clean Slowdive CD for $4 and an irresistable Ted Nugent t-shirt for $7 at a weird downriver bar that you hope you never find yourself in again despite your neato acquisitions.

6. The fact that the guy at said bar was overheard saying, "Labatt's, now that's a beer!" without the slightest hint of sarcasm.

7. Lastly, even though you would be a little late to this party, you could have a laugh with The House of Cosbys which Bill Cosby apparently wants removed from the net. I still love you Bill!

These are just a few examples of possible subjects for your next blog post. Take the time to do some research, and don't forget to add your own sense of style and humor. Uniqueness is at a premium, but it doesn't trump quality. Now get out there and write, because there are too many people who are too lazy to do it for themselves.


Anonymous ME! said...

Hehe. I wish I had time to conjur blogs, instead I have to write a paper about an imaginary company due today at 6pm. On a brighter note, I received an A!!!!!! as a final grade for my 1st MBA class. Thanks for the comments on the fridge.

10:11 AM  

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