Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Update: George W. Bush is a terrible president.

60% disapprove. . . Last week a slew of polls were released showing President Bush with a job approval rating somewhere between 34 and 40 percent and the opinion of Congress even worse with a 28 percent favorable rating. The Vice President's positive rating was down to 18 percent in the CBS poll, a number which the Washington Post discovered was topped (or is it bottomed?) only by Paris Hilton's 15% in a Gallup poll last summer. . . . U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006 Almost 90% think war is retaliation for SaddamÂ’s role in 9/11. . .Associated Press report about videotape of a videoconference in which President Bush was told before Hurricane Katrina's landfall that the storm would be hugely catastrophic and that there was concern that New Orleans' levees might fail is a stunning piece of bad news for the White House. . .


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