Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Herbert Alert

The folks at Pitchfork have very, very nice things to say about soon to be released music by Herbert, an artist with whom every discerning aesthete should be familar.
Herbert: "Something Isn't Right"
genre: house

Funny how you only need about 10 seconds to sniff out a Herbert production. Every sound the man uses is so refined that his tracks sound almost aristocratic when stood next to those of his peers. This one gets off the ground smoothly, with its chugging staccato micro-rhythm, jazz-lite guitar peels, and male/female vocals (courtesy Dave Okumu, Neil Thomas, and Dani Siciliano) all locked together in a watery groove. Then, like a poker player revealing his royal flush one card at a time, Herbert slowly brings out the setpieces: rolling superhero strings, robust horn stabs, plosive vocal do-do-do's. As the melody turns on this gorgeous lead-in ("I won't follow you/ Into the night"), things get dark and cloudy, and suddenly we've got broody big band tech-house by way of Gotham City. So many nooks and crannies, so many perfect little moments, all tucked into each other like little flaps in origami folds. Best song on a best album. [Mark Pytlik] (5 stars)

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