Monday, March 06, 2006

I Heart PerplexCity

Mark at BoingBoing says it much better than I could, but I agree. I'm really having fun with PerplexCity. It's gonna be one of those things, I think, that you love in its infancy so much, you tell everyone you know, it blows up, and too many people are involved, and you'll grow resentful when it's not totally cool because your boss plays it, and you were down when it was brand new, man, and that's when it was really cool, and kids today just don't know how good it was. It was today. Read the BoingBoing post. This thing is amazing. I'm researching it on wikipedia entries constructed FOR this game, as in, involved in game play, I think. It's really crazy.


Anonymous Jeremy H. said...

Wow... I have to check this out. This is the kind of game I always wanted as a kid.

9:46 AM  

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