Thursday, March 09, 2006

GR Mystery Project

Just wanted to drop this post for posterity's sake, as proof of my psychic prowess. All of Grand Rapids is in suspense right now over a secret project proposed just south of downtown on the river. The number 2 billion has been discussed as a dollar figure. Today the news is that key owners are selling their property (including music venue The Intersection) to make way for this thing that the mayor has been sworn to secrecy over. Even members of the city commission are in the dark, and at least one is getting noisy about that fact. It's all quite exciting, and the word is that whatever this thing is, it will be great for Grand Rapids.

Until I'm proven wrong, which should be sometime next week, I'm calling it "THE LIGHT RAIL PROJECT." I feel like the little boy I was that Christmas years ago, so excited because I was pretty sure that it was a Casio keyboard in that wrapped box. Christmas morning I unwrapped a nice chess board instead.

If it's light rail though, I'm super psychic. Check back for updates. If you're into the transit thing, check out for news on that and other issues.


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