Saturday, July 21, 2007

Police, Sicko, Justice, Hemp

A little catch-all update here.

Saw the Police in Detroit (ok, Auburn Hills) and they rocked it. It would seem that over the first few weeks of the tour, they have worked out the kinks, and any low expectations I had after hearing Sting's voice crack on the NBC telecast of the Live Earth shows were hugely exceeded. For me, the huge ticket price was money well spent. Steward Copeland is a god and Sting is a prophet and poet. Two thumbs way up. They were fantastic.

Currently listening to the Justice album that has no other title than a picture of a cross (is that a Jesus thing?) and it's rocking too.

Just returned from a screening of Sicko, Michael Moore's film. I've had reservations about the guy ever since I felt my intelligence insulted reading "Dude, Where's My Country," but I'm generally sympathetic to his gist, and occasionally want to raise my fist in agreement. While I think it's safe to say that Mike leaves out some critical facts (i.e. R&D is really expensive), I thought his film was a winner. Some of the bits about debt, hopelessness and political action definitely rang true to me.My favorite moment was when my college acquaintance Kareena is interviewed. She's in France now. Nice to see you Kareena!

NYTimes reports on North Dakota farmers who want to grow hemp. Let them grow hemp! It's a crime that it's a crime. link to article


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