Friday, April 27, 2007

Photo Management

La Rambla
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Combing through the back catalogue and posting some never before seen shots on Flickr, with more to come.

Just got a first peek at the latest roll sent to Ofoto, er, Kodak Gallery. Don't you love it when you can't remember what's on the roll? Turns out to be the shots I took in Detroit on a sunny day a few months back. My Spotmatic produces some killer grain, at least when viewed through the Ofoto site, but I'm fed up with those guys. I used to love the fact that I could get a roll processed, get negatives, and have online images to share, but now I can't stand the small size and lack of options with the online image. Compared to what you can do on Flickr, looking at photos on Ofoto is a joke. I've ordered prints from both, and, based off of limited results (1 8 by 10 print) from Flickr, I see no reason to stay with Ofoto. I ordered an archive CD of images (files which, if you ask me, should be available to me with no further charges) and I'll be posting lots of them on Flickr when the disc arrives. Shots going back to 2001.

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