Friday, July 06, 2007

My Bike

This is my bike. I've started riding it to work this year, and it is a much easier/less messy endeavor than I had imagined. My brother last Christmas gave me some lights which I use on my nighttime rides home, and I used a great bike map that Grand Rapids put out to choose my route for lighter traffic and wider roads. I give myself 30 minutes to do the 6 (hilly) miles and clean myself up before work. I wear bike shorts under my regular pants/shorts and pack a clean pair of boxers, plus a t shirt and polo to change into at work. Before I started, I was concerned about showing up at work a sweaty mess, but the breeze on the bike cuts down on that problem. It does take a little extra time, but my ride never fails to put a smile on my face and improve my attitude all day long. I'm disappointed when the weather forces me to take the car.

I bought the bike 5 years ago from a guy who worked at a bike shop near Lansing. It had been sitting unused in a closet and he gave it to me for a pittance. After riding it more and more each year, I know I got a real deal. He told me that it's a steel frame, which means that it's a little heavier (still a light bike, though), but a little more flexy for a smoother, more comfortable ride. I can't figure out what year it came out, but my best guess would be mid to late 80s. It might be Fuji's top level team issue, as it's called a Fuji Team, but that might also be a marketing tactic. It's in great condition and rides real well. The Suntour gearset works well, but could use a bit of a tune up.

Today I took her out for a lovely 50 mile ride in large part on Rails To Trails subsidized pathways.


Anonymous Jeremy H said...

Sweet ride!

Where did you go on your 50-miler? Dana and I are planning to sign up for the P.A.L.M. ride next year (Pedal Across Lower Michigan. Google it.) and we need to start taking some long rides. Well, first I should find her a decent road bike.

10:35 AM  
Blogger J.Knecht said...

Thanks. I love her. There's a nice network of trails here in W. Michigan. There's the Musketawa trail (26 miles paved between Marne to Muskegon), the White Pine Trail (I think its mostly but not entirely paved from GR to Cadillac) and some others. I rode from the house out to the Marne trailhead, then did another 10 miles out on to a bit past Conklin MI before I turned around.

As far as finding a decent ride for Dana, I bet you could find a used bike for a good deal like I did. I look at new bikes, and I still think I'm not ready. They seem so light and fragile.

Just last night I was picturing a lower penisula tour. Go for it!


12:00 PM  

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