Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brain Work

It was an impulse buy, which may mean that I have low activity in my pre-frontal cortex. It has changed the way I think about beer, cigarettes, coffee, exercise, sex, work, play, music, blueberries, walnuts, sleep, feet, aroma, dancing, drinking water, soccer, motorcycles, ping pong, juggling, and lots more.

It's a book that I have been devouring since Thursday, and taking notes along the way. It's called Making a Good Brain Great by Dr. Daniel G. Amen. M.D.

The beginning of the book is a terrifying catalog of mental problems and corresponding brain scan images. What does cocaine use do to your brain? How about a concussion?
After seeing the brain scan of an alcoholic, I'll never drink a beer the same way again. As a matter of fact, I was terrified as I recalled freshman year beer binges and even the night of my 30th birthday party which was followed by hangover of a lifetime. My poor brain! What have I done? What can I do now?
The answers are here. The second part of the book contains lots of information on the right foods, the positive effects of exercise, and brain-stimulating activities. I'm excited to eat more blueberries (started this morning!), exercise more consistently, and play guitar, dance, and spend time with others with a renewed sense of purpose - improving my brain!

If you're interested in preserving your sanity as long as possible, do yourself a favor and read this book.


Blogger Dana said...

Weird. I just read abook and am about to be on a blueberry walnut kick myself!

10:17 AM  

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