Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Father Drinan

I had never known about Father Drinan until the obits started this week. A true Man For Others. As much as I rail against organized religion, the Jesuits have a special place in my heart.

From the NYTimes:
He won office on his passionate opposition to the war; worked successfully to help eliminate the House Internal Security Committee, previously long known as the Committee on Un-American Activities; fought against the arms race; and crossed himself before denouncing President Nixon on the House floor as “a fascist war criminal.” The president returned the favor by placing him on the administration’s enemies list.

On July 31, 1973, Father Drinan introduced the first measure to impeach the president, not charging any crimes related to the Watergate scandal, but because of the secret bombing of Cambodia without Congressional approval. (link)


Anonymous Jeremy said...

I heard an NPR piece about his passing and was likewise intrigued. What an interesting guy. I wish there were Senators like him in office today. Now the "maverick" tag gets applied to a milktoast policy slut like John McCain.

12:53 PM  

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