Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stock Market Ethics

Well, if you are a holder of Apple stock, then you likely had a fun day today watching the price go up. I could feel that repressed greed bubbling up as if I just won a healthy hand at the blackjack table. My next thought was to push some more money into the market. I have a few pets: battery companies (ENER) and clean energy types (FTEK) that I've been wanting to dip into. But I can't get something that Gandhi said once out of my head. One of his seven deadly sins is "wealth without work." What then is the stock market? I tried to search the web for "Ethics Stock Market." But the results were disappointing. Mr. Peter Singer, what is your take? Is investing in green companies good? I'm not putting my money into bombs or booze, but still, that Gandhi thing gets to me.


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