Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Wiz and Disco D

Frank Baum wrote "The Wizard of Oz" in Macatawa, near Holland, Michigan. He knew a girl named Dorothy who was the inspiration for the character, and there is a "castle" in Castle Park that inspired the witch's castle, and there was even a winding yellow brick road.
Castle park is still there, but it's really easy to miss. The folks who are there nowadays don't seem to be looking for any added attention (or visitors). They do a good job and keeping a low profile, too.
Castle Park is at the end of a dead end road, but it's a truly magical place. I was there for 30 minutes today, and a resident who drove through stopped to question me. I was there on TV business, so the secret is about to get out. There is hardly anything on the web on the topic - just the same paragraph from the botton of Holland's Wikipedia entry which is repeated across the internet.
After a 20 30 minute effort, I find no picture only two pictures of the castle I stood in front of today. (pic1) (pic2)(Holland on Wikipedia)

Disco D has died. R.I.P. Comedy and tragedy are close cousins.(link)


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