Thursday, January 25, 2007

Media Bias and General Roundup

Scientists say that global warming is real, and definitely caused by humans. About time! Can we do something about it now? (link)

Or is it already too late? Atomic scientists push the "doomsday clock" two minutes ahead. We are at five minutes to midnight. (link)

Ecstasy may be just the thing for PTSD. Ravers everywhere are vindicated, but some haven't been the same since their 300th hit. (link)

If you saw the FoxNewsChannel last night ofter the SOTU, you may have seen that 85% of Fox News Viewers said that Bush did an "Excellent" job on the address. As John Stewart said tonight, "Those are Stalin numbers!" (no link)

Coffee, at harvest, is in the form of a cherry. This bean is the "pit." I didn't know! (no link)

All this has been on my mind lately, but what finally got me to write is an article in the NYTimes that confirms, in my mind, an unjust Democratic bias in the media. Some senator from South Dakota has been accused of being a page groper. Now, since it wasn't specified in the headline, I didn't know which party, but since it wasn't specified, and since I suspect that the media in general loves to stick it to Republicans and go soft on Dems, I guessed that the senator was a Dem.
The thinking followed two lines. Firstly, I'd expect to see some reference to the G.O.P. somewhere in the headline or at least first paragraph if the accused was a Republican. Since neither was true, I assumed Dem. Secondly, I wouldn't put it past the Republicans to attempt to manufacture such a story.
So I clicked on the story with all this in mind. I found no reference to a political party until the 9th paragraph, and the Senator's affilitation wasn't directly stated until the last paragraph.
This was written by a Democrat, I'd bet. And I'd call it sloppy to boot. If only to avoid suspicion, journalists should note a politician's party affiliation in the first reference. (link)


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