Sunday, March 26, 2006


Madlib's Beat Konducta Vol 1-2 is a 5 star record. An unrefined collage of motifs more than a collection of compositions and a form I find surprisingly pleasing. At times a psychadelic trip and the closest I've heard anyone come to topping Endtroducing(:)). Lots of moments for the head(bob). Sorry Mr. Herren, you still my boy.

CACHÉ was at the UICA and it gets better in my mind the more time I spend thinking about it. See it with someone you like to talk to, because you will do a lot of talking afterwards. I want to see it again immediately. Before tonight I'd never seen an entire audience sit stunned and motionless for the entire duration of the credits.

Paying cover at a bar to hear a DJ I don't care about is something I try to avoid.

There was humorous media nonsense today over the GR mystery project.
First, from the GRPress:
The site between Market and Grandville avenues, south of U.S. 131, would include a satellite campus to develop new hip hop and urban music talent with a recording studio and a concert venue as a regional draw.
Then, from WOOD TV:
Development Corp: It's Not Interscope. This afternoon for the first time, Grand Rapids Development Corporation addressed media reports concerning the Mystery Development.


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