Friday, March 24, 2006

Moo Shu, Merlot, Coltrane, Heirloom Poultry and Sean Paul

Friday Night, 9:08 pm. My roommate is out on a date. I sit at home with a very romantic jazz soundtrack over Chinese and merlot. By myself. Ladies, I'm available, and the Times says that I'm at the height of fashion.

I sat down to my Chinese, merlot, and jazz with the Atlantic as a substitute for an intelligent, beautiful, and concupiscent female companion. The Chinese and the merlot were not disappointing, if a bit pedestrian. But the jazz has been lovely, with artists like John Coltrane and Stan Getz among newer names I've never heard but am pleasantly surprised by.

I turned to a joy of an article in the Atlantic about heirloom poultry, a term I had never heard before. Heirloom poultry is apparently a movement in farming of raising birds more naturally. Zen and the art of poultry farming, perhaps. It's more humane, but maybe more importantly, this method also results in much better tasting meat. But, H5N1 is a looming threat to the anachronistic (and rarely profitable) practice.

Zingerman's in Ann Arbor is mentioned in this story, and I always love it when I see a reference to Zingerman's in the national media (last time it was on NPR. A Splendid Table. I don't have time to explain.).

More interestingly for me, though, was that the focus of the second half of the story was on Earthshine Farm in Durand, MI (between Lansing and Flint, if you trust the article). Interesting, because I think I could make a great TV story out of this. I'd love to tell you all about it, but you should read the article instead.

The Sean Paul part of the title refers to a Jamaican Dancehall star. I think Sean Paul is also the name of a clothing line launched by a rapper (Nope. That's Sean John.), which has caused me confusion. Regardless, I mention the guy because he was written up in a great NYTimes article. I'm not familiar with his music, but after I finish this I'm going right to iTunes(?). I have been listening to a lot of Jamaican music lately, and I'm excited to check out some of the artists mentioned in this article. Especially Jah Snowcone.

And I've just found The Velvet Hot Tub, the funniest celebrity photo blog ever.


Anonymous Jeremy said...

That's an accurate location for Durand. I know, because that's where my parents grew up. I had no idea about this farm though. It's nice to think something revolutionary, and worthy of national attention is happening in the defunct old railroad boom town of Durand.

9:48 AM  

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