Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The New Sobriety

Does it have something to do with the economy? Maybe the days of excess are once again in the rear view. Two articles I've read in the past few weeks (both [1, 2] by now-abstaining former drinkers) in the Times are resonating. In the past few weeks I've personally found that a few cups of chamomile tea are a much better night cap than the few beers I have grown accustomed to over the years. Used to be I rarely went a few days without a drink. These days I've cut the booze out at home, and I've recently gone as far as ordering only a coke at the bar. You know what? I feel pretty good.

It was one part of the Buddhist bit that really got under my skin. You know, I kinda fancied myself a bit of a Buddhist, yet I still drank on the regular.

I think though, that it all coalesced for me a few weeks back as I watched the great "Le Samourai". Our protagonist (?) enters the bar, orders a whiskey and walks out without drinking it (2:10 - 3:26 below). Watch the film sometime and let's discuss what this means. It's about self-control.

Now how do you hang out with people without having a few drinks? I'm planning on taking up Slacklining. It's also about self-control. A buzz would definitely get in the way of that pursuit. Seriously. When it gets a bit warmer, lets go to the park. (Video below gets good at 3:45)


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