Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green Gifting Tips

Joe Romm, climate change pot-stirrer extraordinaire, has posted a good list of suggestions for the holiday season. It's good advice, and hopefully anyone buying for me will heed it! Am I an ingrate for feeling like I have a hole in my soul when I receive a wasteful gift? I probably am.

From ClimateProgress.Org
2. Buy gifts they will use. A gift that never gets used is a waste of materials and money. If you’re buying a material gift for someone, make sure you know them well enough to know it’s something they will use. Have people you’re shopping for prioritize their lists so you have a better idea of what they really want, or look for things they own that are wearing out and need to be replaced.
It's going to be hard for anyone to beat Mom's birthday gift last month. It meets more than one of the green gifting guidelines. It's a Mom-woven Aran sweater with wool brought back from the homeland, and it's super awesome. Check it out! Detail:She also told me something I didn't know. Irish families had signature patterns and those patterns were used to identify drowned sailors. Morbid, yes - but fascinating! And I do not doubt that fisherman wore this type of thing. It's toasty!


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