Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy Nothing Day?

Argh. I really want some new gear. There's a big sale going on, and I could really use some of this and that. Yeah, I already have one pair of those, and a perfectly good set of these, but they're dirty!

I was wrestling with myself most of the morning about whether or not to head out for a little retail indulgence. Indulgence is a spiraling sort of thing. After a fair amount of overindulgence at the dinner table last night, I'm in a weakened state, less able to fight off the temptation that I found narrowcasted right to me in my e-mail inbox. New things and stuff and gear that I really do want, all ON SALE! Oooh! Just when I'm starting to come down from the heady turkey and wine-induced high that peaked less than 12 hours ago, I can juice up those neurotransmitters again with the swipe of a card. And the bill won't show up for a month!

Yes, retailers have figured it out, boy. They've figured out that we're all fat and dumb today, and we are ready to keep the indulgence train rolling right on through the weekend.

So, I'm wrestling with the real and actual desire to spend money on things, which for me, someone whose motto is "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without," comes with some amount of uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. I was stuck, but just about to head out the door, when I read this, and felt sweet relief. I stayed in, and put my dirty gear in the wash. It should be clean by now.


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