Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cyclists Are Traffic Scofflaws

In NYC, the numbers bear out what you might expect. Cyclists tend to disobey traffic laws. Shame! As I see it, If you want to be treated equally, you have to demonstrate to folks that you will hold yourself to the same rules. Sounds simple enough right? In my opinion, cyclists who run red lights do everyone one the road, other cyclists in particular, a disservice. *wagging finger*

From the Times:
Nearly 57 percent of the cyclists observed failed to stop red lights.
About 13 percent of cyclists (and a quarter of cyclists under the age of 14) were observed riding against traffic.
Almost 13 percent of cyclists (and more than half of cyclists under the age of 14) were observed riding on sidewalks.
Nearly 14 percent of cyclists did not use a designated bike lane when one was available.
Only 36 percent of cyclists wore helmets. About half of female riders wore helmets, compared with just about one-third of the males. Nearly half of the children under the age of 14, and nearly three-quarters of commercial cyclists — like messengers and delivery workers — did not wear a helmet, even though the law requires that both groups use helmets.
Interesting stats on helmet use here too:
A study by the Bicyle Helmet Safety Institute found that nearly all cyclists who died in New York City were not wearing a helmet and that only 13 percent of those seriously injured while cycling were wearing a helmet.


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