Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America is Doing It

Crowd watches McCain concede (ClarkBender)

Now look at this photo. It's not quite randomly selected, but there's nothing inherently unique about this particular shot. There are surely thousands very similar that have been taken over the past 6 hours. But it is important.

This is America. This is what is doing it tonight. This is men and women, young and old, white and every other color of the rainbow. They are celebrating the fact that their voice has been heard. They have come together behind one person, one idea, one hope, in numbers too large to deny. They have affirmed their American identity by speaking up and now America is a lot more reflective of them for it.

America is not a bunch of right wing religious-nut palefaces. America is a diverse collective of people who find more commonality in their hopes than their fears. This is an America that we can be proud of, and it is the real America.

The world is applauding you tonight. Congratulations America, after many a year of being mislead, you are once again doing it.


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