Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Poetry of the "Beach House" album review.

This one paragraph of a review of an album by a band I have never heard of before (my interest was sparked by a half banner ad on emusic that reads: "Beach House. Perfect Winter Music.") did 90% of the convincing to drop 9 precious emusic downloads on the eponymous album by Beach House.
Drone/dream-pop/space-rock/whatever you wanna call it is a defiantly middle-class music: a quaint, privileged rebellion against the blacks and whites of the day-to-day bustle, against the expectations of parents, responsibility and life, a longing stare into a safer and softer version of this spinning orb, a space without hardened edges, lights, opinions or ends. With its meditative pauses (it's all pause, really), it's basically the musical equivalent of that post-high school year in Europe, only rather than self-discovery in a German youth hostel, it's salvation through the hum of an EBow.
What's an EBow? And what does it say for me that this paragraph speaks to me so? Hm. Well, back to my meditation exercises and philosophy curriculum. I never had a post high-school year in Europe, and I still haven't recovered. Link.


Anonymous Bill Van Loo said...

An Ebow is a guitar accessory that lets you produce "infinite sustain". Basically, it's a device that uses a battery-powered magnet to excite the guitar string (instead of plucking the string with your finger or a pick), and since it makes the string move as long as you have the Ebow applied, it can go on forever. It's called an Ebow because it gives a similar tone to what you'd with a violin bow being drawn across the strings. They're great for ambient drones.

Coincidentally, I use an Ebow quite a lot myself, including on my own winter record, "6 strings for a winter's day". You can check it out below:



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