Friday, June 02, 2006

Vaca Preps and Internet Radio

I'm doing my last minute packing for San Fran over some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and some music courtesy of David Byrne. This month: Avant Pop

The grooves here tend to be skittery, the percussion like the sounds of distant cutlery rattling, but the structures are often surprisingly (and comfortably) traditional — clear-cut verses and choruses. Voices lean towards the intimate, breathy, slightly mournful. Whispering strange and very personal messages in our ears. These are folk songs. Folk songs from a culture made of ones and zeros.
On the agenda for my short vaca in S.F., visiting with my brother Patrick, the youngest of the Lynn clan, and getting some camping, running, and hippie history in.

Speaking of running, a new study may explain why I've been in a sour mood this week after not running.


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