Friday, May 12, 2006

Pre Race Status Report

It's the night before the Fifth Third Riverbank Run 25K, and I have a hammy issue. At least it feels like a hammy issue. It's really a whole left leg issue. It popped up this week. Maybe I ramped things up just a bit too much before I tapered. I got a soreness in my hamstring that I can't exactly pinpoint or explain. As I went out for one last hard 5 mile run on Tuesday night, I was having to really check my stride. Something was definitely not right. I haven't run since then, but on a long walk this evening, the left knee feels a little weak. Not solid like the right knee. No real pain, exactly, but I'm walking around a little gingerly.

Luckily, the course is relatively flat, so there will be no hard pounding on the joints from hills. The forecast is for rain and temps in the 40s and 50s. Not ideal, but could be worse, I guess. At the prerace check-in today I bought a shirt off a guy who said that rain is good for bum legs. Runners are wierd like that.

So, will I break the 2 hour mark tommorow? Will I even finish? WIll I cross with the Kenyans or break down in tears at the 10 mile mark? Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion.


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