Monday, June 12, 2006

The Bride of Random Bits

Ran a 5K on Saturday with very little time spent on training, but I still ran a personal best of 21:22. That's an average of 6:53 per mile.

My media is taking over my living space. Too many records, books, CDs, and magazines. And I still buy more.

On first listen, I'm kinda disappointed with the new Herbert record, but I love Herbert and I will give the album plenty on chances. To be honest, I've only listnened distractedly in the car, and that's a terrible way to appreciate art. Hopefully soon I will be able to give it the headphone treatment.

The Waterfront Film Festival was a lot of fun, but based on my experience, it was more festival than film. The first night I had a great movie conversation with a guy who I later found out was the director of the movie that opened the festival. He recommended a director named Jon Jost. On a napkin he wrote "Most commercial film: All the Vermeers in NY" and signed his name. I guess if he ever becomes famouse like a Coppola or a Kubrick I could sell the napkin. The one movie I saw was called The King, starring William Hurt and Gael Garcia Bernal. These are two fine thespians who had my expectations running high, but the film drags. It's not terrrible, but it should have been better.

My Mom is unhappy with the appearance of a fake waterfall she had installed in the backyard of my parents new house.

At work we recieved a promotional copy of a new book called "Burning Rainbow Farm, How a Stoner Utopia Went Up in Smoke," byt Dean Kuipers. I'm just started reading it, even though I'm still not done with American Theocracy, Love in the Time of Cholera, and The Essential John Muir, and I haven't even started reading Everyman.

To complicate matters, I have just rejoined Netflix, on the 1 DVD at a time plan. The first on my list? Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, whcih I have never seen. The Blockbuster near my house has a place set for it, but does not actually carry the film. I have brought this to their attention, but they have not resolved the issue.


Blogger Laba said...

I felt the same way about the new Herbert after the first listening. However, it has really grown on me.

We just rejoined Netflix as well. I was a member during the company's early years, and I grew a bit upset with their service. Things have definitely improved over the last several years.

Mom had a waterfall installed??

3:18 PM  
Blogger J.Knecht said...

I'm not really getting into the Herbert. I'm starting to think that no one wants to say that the emperor has no clothes, but maybe it's just me. The Gnarls Barkley record is pretty great, and thr Office record is really great. The Camera Obscura record is really great. The Herbert I ain't feeling. I don't hear no soul there, and where he used to make me groove with his stripped down syncopation, now he's got Dani on every song, sounding the same, and for the most part, it just ain't working. Maybe next week I'll fall in love with it, but I've had two good listens, and only a few cuts really work for me. The rest are just okay. Rebuttal?

1:39 AM  

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