Friday, June 19, 2009

Sansa Aggravation

I picked up a little 4 GB Sansa Clip about a month ago. It's a tiny little mp3 player that also features an FM receiver and voice recorder. It also has a screen, unlike my trusty first gen iPod Shuffle.

It's worked as expected, and overall I am pleased with the purchase, with one glaring exception: the clip attachment itself. On the bike tour that was the impetus for buying the thing, the clip broke. The tolerances on that plastic attachment were exceeded by simply removing the clip from an armband. Now the thing has no tension, and therefore functions less as a clip than a hook.

To be concise, I've gotten the run around by Sansa's tech support, and resorted to shelling out another $20 for a pack of three replacement clips. Now why would Sansa only sell replacement clips in packs of three? Seems like an admission of a flawed design, no? If that's the case, why not put an extra clip in the original package?

Of course the clips are backordered. Seems like this is a common problem! I put an order in anyway, and my credit card was billed. Today, two weeks later, I noticed that the funds had been refunded back to my account, and the clips are still on backorder.

Sansa, you annoy me.


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