Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Green

First day of new running kicks today. These are the END (Environmentally Neutral Design) running shoe. I've been wearing Asics for years, but when I heard about these, I wanted to check them out.

I heard the company was started by former Columbia and Nike folks, so there's a certain amount of gear know-how behind these. You can check out the website for the details (warning: turn down your speakers first!) but these shoes are made of a bunch of recycled bits in the sole, and if the upper was any more sparsely constructed, they'd be sandals.

None of which matters if they don't feel right on a run. I went out for the first time today on regular 5 mile run and felt really nice in these. Light and unobtrusive. I ran fast. I had no idea my ankles were so pale.


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