Friday, March 06, 2009

My neighbor's alarm.

Just keeps going and going and going and going. It's up the street. Is it a car alarm, and house alarm? It sounds like there's a police siren up the block. For the past 18 hours. It's having a detrimental effect on the day. The first time this year the weather is nice enough to open a window, and you can't because that alarm every five minutes will steal your sanity.

UPDATE, 10:42am: I went out to the street, identified the vehicular source of the infernal racket (while resisting the nearly overpowering urge to grab a baseball bat and swing for the fences all over the grill) and called the city. They say they will send an officer out.

UPDATE, 1:14pm: On the way out on the bike to make an appointment, I was pleased to see a ticket on the windshield of the offending SUV. When I got around the block, I saw a squad car stopped in the middle of the street, so I approached and mentioned to the officer that I had called in the complaint about the noise and that it was driving us all crazy. He said that, yes, he had written the ticket, and it even he became highly annoyed as it stopped and started as he wrote the ticket. He told me that he had checked the address listed on the registration (which was on the next street over) and no one was home. He said that he would give them some time, and check back later. He promised to have it towed if it wasn't taken care of by tomorrow. He seemed like a nice guy, but tomorrow? I'm back home now and It's still going off like crazy. I wonder if anyone else has called this in. I hope so.

Where's the Rectifier when you need him?

UPDATE, 11:16 pm: Just home from work, and the SUV has (been?) moved. No more audible disturbance, thank goodness. I wonder what happened to it? Did it get towed? :) I would have taken a distinct satisfaction in seeing that.


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