Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sentra For Sale

I just offered to sell my car to someone. It's officially for sale. What follows is my e-mail to one interested party. Feel free to make me an offer!


How much? well. . .

Its an SE with the Performance package - bigger wheels, better handling, suspension etc. I googled that and found this:

"On winding roads, it offers sporty handling that makes it fun to drive. Stiff suspension tuning and big 16-inch wheels with Firestone Firehawk GTA tires give the SE with the Performance Package the abilities of a European sedan." (http://www.carfax.com/car_safety/ratings/SRR.cfm/year/2001/make/NISSAN/model/SENTRA/trim_id/2001NISS4DFSENTRA_SE)

I can vouch. It's a fun ride to drive, especially on the windy roads.

In recent years we've seen new starter, serpentine belt and battery, (12/07) new front and rear pads and rotors (7/06) fresh tires at 62427 miles (11/04) (I have the records). Clutch has never been replaced, but still passes clutch test last I checked. (stalls in first when clutch let out).

6 disk changer and 7 speaker sound (all stock). Interior is clean, intact.

On the minus side. . .

She's got a dented front passenger bumper - might be able to pop it out easily, but I've never really tried. It's the result of a minor fender bender. Also a fingertip's worth of rust on corner of hood where just barely tweaked from same ax. It's a subtle dent and easy to overlook You can see it (barely) in the wide shot below. The car has been in no serious accidents. I can supply a CARFAX report. There are some smallish dents and widespread shallow surface scratches across the car from when a tree fell on her last summer. There are two photos below from when the tree fell. Hard to see the paint scratches in wide shot. Radio antena bent too. Of course the windshield and side view have been replaced. The parking brake can get sticky in the winter (I'm guessing there's moisture in there that freezes), and the check engine light is on, due to what I think is a bad O2 sensor, but unsure.

With that in mind. . .

Kelly Blue Book at "Fair" condition is $4360 (cut and paste link below for full info)


I'm imagining a number like $4500.

Carfax is clean, and I can supply you with a copy. Not sure if it's a good idea to give the VIN out, so I will hold off for now.

I'll admit that she's got some age lines, but she still knows how to get a fella excited.



Blogger Dharma said...

"I'll admit that she's got some age lines, but she still knows how to get a fella excited." this sounds nothing like you... ;)

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