Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Tip Of The Hat To Avocet

When was the last time you had customer service worthy of high praise? It seems to be a dying art, but the folks at Avocet still come correct.

I bought my bike used 7 years ago or so. It's a 1987 Fuji team and I love it. It came already equipped with a bike computer, an Avocet 35. Well, that computer has served me well for most of those 7 years, but recently it started having issues. I was mulling over the concept of replacing it with a new computer, but I decided to contact the folks at Avocet first. They told me to sent it in. I did, and 2 weeks later, just as I was starting to wonder when I'd hear back from them, it arrived with a new cradle and wiring in my mailbox. No charge. Now I'm a customer for life. Nice one, Avocet.


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