Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not another 9/11 thing.

How much 9/11 is too much 9/11? I've been surrounded by it all day (week, month, presidential term), and I've had plenty, thank you. I think it's getting to be a little crass, commercially and politically.

Do we somehow owe it to those who died to put ourselves through this over and over every year? Personally, I've mourned for them many times over. How many re-enactment/dramatizations/rebroadcasts do we need? How many more times do we have to see the second plane hit/people jumping/horror on faces?

I don't think it's doing us any good. It used to make me feel patriotic, but not anymore. I'm not learning anything new this time around either. This year I'm only reminded of how our political leaders are still milking the event for all it's worth.

I didn't get to watch all of Bush's speech, but hearing him still(!) struggling(!) to make the case for Iraq made me want to vomit.


Blogger J.Knecht said...

I think I'm just now understanding the cover of the Sept 11th New Yorker. It shows a tightrope walker over a white abyss. Only when you turn the cover do you see what the white abyss covers. Somehow I think that this cover design is sensitive to this very issue I mention.

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