Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dodd pulls some 45s

Dodd pulls some 45s
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Lucky dog, that's me. That's because today I combined my two great loves, photography and records, and I got paid for it. Today, the topic for one of our segments at the station was Dodds' Records CD and Cassettes. I was just commenting all over the photo I found on Flickr (hopefully you see it above), and now I'm out of words.

Except to tell you that I was looking through a crate of old house music (my favorite kind) and shooting an interview at the same time and there was nothing wrong with that at all. I got some real nice records, too. Do you know how long ago I lost my copy of "The Bomb" by the Bucketheads? You know the tune, even if you don't know you do. It's the one the samples Chicago's "Street Player," but if you don't know one, you probably don't know the other, so nevermind.

Anyway, Gerry Dodds was hilarious. I basically had to get dragged out of there. Man. It was a fun day. By the way, the guy that took this picture has some really nice stuff on his flickr site. Click it to get there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you have these new old records when is your next performance...are there still performances

--The D

2:09 PM  

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