Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Jerk Neighbor

Happy Birthday America. Now let's get some sleep.

I live in a part of town that's a little iffy. Well, it depends which way I look when I look out the front door. Metaphorically speaking, the house I share with my roommate is right on the tracks. One side good, other side bad. Lately, I think the bad side is making a land grab.

It's just that lately, things have been getting a little spotty on Lydia street. There's the occasional crazy/high person who's talking in a loud voice to no one in particular at 1 a.m. in the middle of the road, barefoot. There's the weird activity across the street that often involves lots of late night honking, and then there was that one guy I saw on a corner, almost passed out, in the middle of the afternoon, in his socks, a block away from the kids walking home from school. I called the cops on that one.

But tonight, and for the past few nights, the one thing that has been really getting on my nerves is the anonymous jerk up the road who sets off the loud fireworks well after midnight. I mean, real noisemakers. Real late. Real maddening. I'm baffled, really, that a person would feel that it's acceptable behavior. In fact, I think it's absolutely anti-social. Now, I'll admit that my personal stance toward fireworks in general may have recently swung from a childish love of their explosive charm to a general disapproval of their peace-ruining volume, but that's not because I'm a killjoy. It's because the moron up the road has gotten to me. I fantasize about storming up the street to tell the pyrotechnical wizard to put a sock in it, but I highly doubt that anyone is going to set the guy (gal?) straight. Nowadays, you gotta think about getting shot over some stupid stuff like that.

Even though I'm just renting (my roommate owns), I'd really love to see this neighborhood improve. I've even started carrying a garbage bad around when I walk the dogs so that I can pick up all the junk that used to just make me mad when I walked by it. I do that because I think my neighborhood is actually pretty nice (to the east of the house anyway), but it's got some serious flaws (go west, young man), and it sure does suck when some fool ruins the place for a night with some obnoxious patriotism aids.

Happy Birthday America. Bah Humbug.


Blogger Laba said...

Maybe you should consider moving into downtown. I use to live on Fountain Street in the old Booth Mansion. I rented an upstairs room for $500, and that included everything (electric, water, cable, and fully furnished) except phone. There was free laundry, a community kitchen and living room, and it was REALLY quiet. The only sound was the occassional ambulance heading over to the nearby hospital. The main branch of the library was down the street, you could walk to downtown, and the GRCC track was just a couple of blocks away. I think you'd really enjoy this area. Check out the Heritage Hill Association's website for listings. Here's a goody:

One Bedroom - 347 Madison SE - Upper apartment in owner-occupied home. Hardwood floors in bedroom and living room. Bright, cheery kitchen. Ceiling fans, window AC provided. Clawfoot tub/shower in bathroom. Coin-op laundry in basement. Off-street parking for one car. No smoking or pets. Rent $610/mo. includes all utilities plus trash removal. $600 deposit and credit check required. Call (616)235-7285 or (616)581-3559.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you were just complaining that GR was not gritty enough for you!

10:14 AM  
Blogger dharmarae said...

hehe, the first place we lived in in the "bad" part of ann arbor (the student ghetto) was loud and generally horrible. i called the cops several times on people partying in their yard late at night. one night in particular took the cake though--that's when we awoke to a bum couple sitting on a stoop outside of our house drunk and arguing. we called the cops 3 times and they didn't do anything until they were found the next morning passed out and bleeding on a neighbor's porch

11:48 AM  
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