Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Robin Down

I got out of bed today and put the dogs out as usual. After I started the coffee I went back upstairs to sit for a minute and when I came back down I heard the birds going nuts in the backyard. It was a racket like I had never heard. It sounded like an aviary on fire. Are they teasing the dogs? I took a peak outside, and I saw our yellow lab, Brandy, picking at something on the ground. As I watched, she picked something a lot bigger than a bug in her mouth. I couldn't get her attention away from it, so I went out to get her myself. That's when I saw a poor grounded robin heaving with each breath, lifting its open beak into the air, panicking silently.

That's what the birds are going nuts about. I brought the dogs inside, but couldn't bring myself to do anything about the robin. Should I have put it out of it's misery? I went inside and watched from the window, and the other robins had calmed a bit, but were still making a lot of sound. The sat on branches immediately above the downed bird, but I never saw any other birds get any closer than that.

Now it seems that the affair has ended. No bird has come to the rescue of the injured robin. I will have to figure out a way of getting rid of the bird before the dogs go out again. I wonder how it all happened.


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