Monday, April 17, 2006

Godard and Delta Force

As far as I know, the two topics have little in common other than that they are both fascinating subjects of my morning reading. I'm not even going to mention the Chuck Norris film. . . 'DOH!

From The Atlantic (May 06):
In April 1980, President Jimmy Carter sent the Army's Delta Force to bring back fifty-three American citizens held hostage in Iran. Everything went wrong. The fireball in the Iranian desert took the Carter presidency with it.
From Cigar Aficionado (Sept/Oct 97):
Godard believes that it is the world's moviegoers, and not the filmmakers, who have changed. They prefer big-budget Hollywood spectaculars and they rely on the big screen to escape, rather than to discover universal truths. "Movies are not as good as they should be," Godard says. "Actors work, but they don't know how to be better. And people don't find in the French movie the things that interest them. Even when they find them, the material is too difficult. They prefer an American movie. The world audience has become an American audience.


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