Monday, February 13, 2006

Rolling Stones on the Big Screen

If you're free on Tuesday, Feb 28th, you can watch the Rolling Stones in concert at the cinema. If you're lucky enough to live near one of the 150 screens upon which it will be projected, that is. I saw a preview for this at my local moviehouse last night, and I'd sure love to see it. The company that does this is called Big Screen Concerts, and it looks like they have some great stuff in the pipepline, including The Beastie Boys next month.

I think this is a much better use of this great nation's theatre infrastructure than as a venue to behold such work as "Final Destination 3" (which I haven't seen and don't intend to).

I also remember hearing about the B. Boys' recent concert video filmed mostly by the audience with cameras loaned to them by the band (most of which were subsequently returned, according to reports). Might this be the show to be shown across the country? I'm too lazy to find out for you.


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