Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MP3 VS. Vinyl

Tonight I was sitting at a typically late hour, with some nice electronic music playing, first Casino Vs. Japan - "Whole Numbers Play the Basics", and then I chose Ulrich Schnauss's lovely "A Strangely Isolated Place."I put down what I was doing, enchanted with the music, and wanted to put on the headphones. The results were hearbreaking. The Ulrich Schnauss was in mp3s (downloaded from iTunes) and the difference in fidelity was blaringly obvious in the headphones. I couldn't bear it and immediately scoped for a nice analog record I could put on to ease that pain.The selection is Thomas Brinkman's "Soul Center" album and it sounds great in my headphones.

And the winner, by unanimous decision, is Vinyl.


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