Monday, November 14, 2005

Does this arrest and media parading of a 35 year old Iraqi woman in the Jordanian bombing case smell funny to you? The lack of details and the bizarre photo of a still bomb-equipped would be suicide bomber have got my spidey senses going. Why the heck does she still have the bomb on?
"It's broken," she must have said.
"Oh, if it's broken, then just keep it," the Jordanians might have replied.
Or did they make her put it back on for a photo shoot? Apparently she is still wearing it in a taped confession. That just seems kinda dangerous to me, but hey, I'm no expert. I know damn well though, that if I caught a guy going crazy with a rifle in the public square, my first priority would be getting that firearm out of his hands asap. Unless he told me he it was broken, and then I'd probably be cool.


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