Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lupe Fiasco's got me feeling nostalgic

Have you heard Lupe Fiasco? He's the latest hip hop head to hit the big time. Quite a lot of hype here, by god. But that new tune "Kick, Push," has gotten me missing my skating days more than usual. I just want to grab a deck and go hit the streets. Pulling the occasional kick flip. I wish I still had my old "Goldfish" video. Youth only comes once folks, and ain't it a bitch when you feel like it's just out of reach. The only way I know to cope is to try to enjoy more adult pleasures more suited to my more mature energy levels, bounce back ability and priorities.

And let me just tell you that the latest "better propaganda" podcast is really pulling out all the stops. DJ Jonah Sharp has really turned up the heat this month. This mix, too, has got me longing for the life of days gone by. Or should I say nights. Nights that I could spent out until 9 and not give a damn about the next day. Once again, the onset of adulthood is really stinging tonight.

I was face to face with Henry Kissinger today. I was at Game One of the World Series on Saturday. I shook governor Granholm's hand on Wednesday. Today, before Henry Kissinger, I was in an open but patron-less strip club. I was shooting dancers who were dancing for an audience of a lens and it's wielder. There was something more than a little unsettling about it, especially since one girl asked that I not shoot her face.

Today before the strip club I ran 35 laps on the track at the YMCA. That's 5 miles, and it wasn't really that tough. I ran to the new LCD Soundsystem mix I got on iTunes. It's supposed to be especially made to run to, so I was excited to hear it for the first time on a run. It did not disappoint. LCD fans everywhere will enjoy.

My roommate is gone and his dogs are tearing apart cushions. I'm putting in long hours at work and that means the poor girls are spending an awful lot of time in their "house" in the basement. Today they ran out of food, and I had to pick up a new bag at the store. I don't know what kind of food they eat, I only know what it looks like in their dishes. It looks like dog food. It looks pretty much like the what I saw pictured on nearly every variety of dog food at the supermarket.


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